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Electoral Roll Revision 2019
Important notice
Every six years the Church Electoral Roll has to be renewed and reviewed. That means all roll members and prospective members have to re-register. Also new regulations apply this year with regard to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)
If you are already on the Church Electoral Roll for St Peter's Church - or would like to be a member (membership gives you the right to vote at the APCM every year and stand for election to the PCC) then you MUST complete a new Electoral Roll Form. Failure to do so means you cannot participate in church business as descibed above.
From 10th Feb for three weeks, new forms will be given and collected and then the PCC will review and accept the new roll week commencing March 10th. 
If you cannot come to church to collect a form one can be emailed to you.
Please return completed forms to church or hand them to any PCC member, or Alan Kerfoot (Electoral Roll Officer) or the Vicar.
If you know someone who is on the roll currently or should be on the roll and cannot get to church or has no email address, then contact the Electoral Roll officer (Alan Kerfoot) on 01257 273434 or the Wardens Ronnie & Eric on 01257 271992 & 01257 794372 respectively.
A privacy notice is included on this page explaining how we handle your data under GDPR 

Advanced notice - spread the word all you model railway fans!
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