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Magazine letter for May 2018

From the vicar


Happy birthday! (No, the vicar’s not gone mad!) On the 20th May we celebrate Pentecost, the church’s birthday. It is on this day that the disciples received the Holy Spirit and went out and courageously proclaimed the risen Lord and in almost every case became martyrs themselves.


But before that we have Ascension Day on Thursday May 10th which the church remembers the Lord ascending into heaven, his earthly mission at an end, returning to his father and taking his place on the kingly throne. To celebrate this awesome day we will be having a Eucharist (as always) at 7:00pm on that date. Sadly, for some reason many people don’t regard the Ascension as an important event in the church calendar and the service tends to be poorly attended. Please try and make Ascension Day a regular date in your diary.


The worldwide church has introduced the prayer initiative, Thy Kingdom Come (TKC) which takes place from Ascension Day to Pentecost, a mere ten days, where we are all asked, every individual and every church to make the extra effort to pray for others.

The logo is opposite and if you are internet savvy, go to Thy Kingdom Come global website and check out the resources that you may download. I have already given out some forty prayer aids and booklets to help our church members. So you see, Ascension Day is very important to launch us into our prayer effort. 


As part of our TKC we are asking the congregation and uniformed organisations to make paper aeroplanes in red or orange or yellow card / paper (the colours of flames for Pentecost) and write a prayer or two on them for others. It can be for a relative, a friend or some other situation or concern, local or international.


The idea then is to bring the paper aeroplanes in to the 10:00am Parade Service on 13th May where we shall ‘launch’ them skywards (to indicate the Ascension…(going up!) and as they come down they represent the flames of Pentecost (coming down!) from heaven. Everyone will be invited to take an aeroplane home and pray for the person or concern that is on that aeroplane until Pentecost. (It’ll be interesting!)


To end with, one of the saints’ days falls on the 14th May, when we remember Saint Matthias. Matthias as you may recall, was the disciple chosen to replace Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus. In popular culture he is jokingly referred to as the saint of headaches…because in one translation of the bible it says of his election by the other disciples… “they drew lots and the lot fell on Matthias!” Ouch!

REMINDER: Morning Prayer has moved from Tuesdays to Thursdays from 3rd May. Please join with us at 9:00am!

Yours in Christ